Costa Rica Hacienda Tobosi Gesha Black Honey
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Costa Rica Hacienda Tobosi Gesha Black Honey


Tasting Note : Raspberry. Raisin. Honey. Caramel. Floral

Size Guide
Size Guide
Pour Over 3:40 min 1:16 400 - 800 µm
French Press 10:00 min 1:13 600 - 1000 µm
AeroPress 2:20 min 1:15 500 - 900 µm
Moka Pot 1:30 min 1:11 350 - 700 µm
Drip Brewer N/A 1:17 400 - 900 µm
Espresso 0:26 min 1:2 250 - 500 µm
Cold Brew 16 hours 1:10 600 - 1100 µm
Syphon 1:40 min 1:15 400 - 800 µm

So, How do you know what Grind to use?

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  1. Coarse:
    • Coarse grinds are chunky pieces of coffee beans, similar to coarse sea salt
  2. Medium-Coarse:
    • Saddling between coarse and medium, this grind looks like rough sand
  3. Medium:
    • The middle of all grind sizes, medium grounds are similar to the consistency of sand
  4. Medium-Fine:
    • The medium-fine grind is a staple grind size, with texture like table salt
  5. Fine:
    • Finer than table salt, fine grind is typically the size of most pre-ground coffee


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Raspberry, Raisin. Honey, Caramel, Floral

Variety Gesha
Processing Black Honey
Region Copey
Altitude 1450masl
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes Raspberry. Raisin. Honey. Caramel. Floral
Quantity 100g

About this coffee :

Beginning from 2010, Tobosi aimed at elevating the quality of specialty coffee and becoming the leading supplier of specialty coffee. By establishing a transparent system and complete tracking record for its products, customers can be guaranteed to enjoy the best products. All quality services and processing arts are compliant with environmental protection measures. In order to realize this goal, Tobosi has planned two plots of land, Tobosi and Copey. Tobosi was originally planned for planting ornamental plants while Copey had plans to be developed as secondary forest.

However, due to altitude differences and soil quality analysis, Tobosi chose the plot best suited for developing the haracteristics of coffee for cultivation. The plantation was placed under management based on environmental protection and cultural customs and environment and soil analysis tests were conducted on each plot of land to ensure the coffee beans are developing ideally and have sufficient nutrients. The manual harvesting allows us to better understand the ripeness and tracking management of the coffee cherries while customers may also understand more about the coffee quality, harvesting time and other processes.

After harvesting the fresh coffee cherries and removing the unripe ones, the coffee beans may be sun dried.The key to the coffee flavor lies in the ripeness of the fruit, and the processing will normally take 22-30 days to complete. This process will bring us rich and complex flavors that are thick and smooth which is rare to find especially in gesha varietal, such as raisins, honey, caramel and nuts.

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