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Costa Rica Tarrazu Prado Smallholder Ethiopian Heirloom Anaerobic Natural

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Tasting Note : Cacao Nibs, Pomelo, Cinnamon, Apple, Plum, Darjeeling

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Cacao Nibs, Pomelo, Cinnamon, Apple, Plum, Darjeeling

Variety Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing Anaerobic Natural
Region Tarrazu
Altitude 1950m
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes Cacao Nibs, Pomelo, Cinnamon, Apple, Plum, Darjeeling
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

(100%) Mucilage and zero water processing method. The difficulty of the raising honey processing method requires perfect timing. On the day of harvesting, the coffee cherries are floated and sent to dry on african beds for at least three days, then after finding an optimal time, the skin of the cherries is removed, the mucilage is retained, and the cherries will be sent for drying. At this stage, the climate factor is the key to the success of raising honey processing. There must be slow dried to ensure the surface of the coffee has the fermentation processing, but not too slow that might risk the coffee to overferment. During the drying process, the cherries must be turned over and over at a fast frequency to allow for even dry.

The overall texture offer rich tastes and changes and saturated with oils while retaining a clean taste! The sweetness of the coffee is excellent! The acidic changes from berry to citrus acidity provide a rich and varied experience at different levels. The unique raising honey processes in the farm is named after the famous musician artists like Mozart, J.S. Bach and Beethoven.

Tasting of the coffee will stimulate floral and fruity fragrances and fill the mouth with sweet fragrances of caramel with hints of spices, rose and vergamont, fresh cherries and lime. This is a very sweet coffee and has a juicy taste and balanced acidity. With all the qualities of the Geisha Coffee, a sip of the coffee is like a bloom of fresh flowers.






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