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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kore Biloya G1 Washed

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Tasting Note : Orange Blossom, Green Tea, White Peach, Blood Orange

Country: Ethiopia

Roasting level: Medium

Available Pack Quantity: 200g

Processing Method: Washed

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Orange Blossom, Green Tea, White Peach, Blood Orange

Variety Kurume, Dega, Wolisho
Processing Washed
Region Kochere
Altitude 1,850m
Roast Level Medium Roast
Tasting Notes Orange Blossom, Green Tea, White Peach, Blood Orange
Quantity 200g

About this coffee :

Biloya washing station is named for the town, called a kebele, of Kore Biloya where it is located, in the Kochere district of the greater Yirgacheffe coffee area within the Gedeo Zone. Coffees brought to the Biloya washing station are grown between 1700-2000 meters above sea level by the 211 smallholders delivering cherry to Biloya who grow coffee on farms roughly 0.5-2.0 hectares in size. Built in 2001, Biloya processes nearly one million kg of coffee cherries per year. The washing station’s 138 raised drying beds cover the 2.5 hectares of land at 1700 masl. Biloya employs both men and women to process both Washed and Natural Coffee.

Ripe coffee cherries are freshly sorted before depulping. Over-ripe and under-ripe beans are handpicked and separated before processing. After depulping, coffee is allowed to ferment naturally for 36-72 hours in Biloya’s 12 cement fermentation tanks. The fermented coffee is washed with clean running water, soaked in clean water, and then dried for 18-21 days to retain around 11.5% moisture. The fresh water used for washing coffee has a ph of 7.8.

The cherries delivered to the washing station and resulting parchment are sluiced and floated multiple times to ensure that the cup profile is as clean and consistent as possible. The station is also partially shielded from the sun by the nearby mountain, which lends itself to slower drying of washed process coffees. This reduces the amount of split parchment and results in a cleaner and sweeter cup. Dried parchment coffee is stored at the washing station warehouse until it is transported  to Addis Ababa for further processing. The parchment coffee is processed at the dry mill to remove the husks and the clean beans are packaged in clearly marked 60kg bags for export.



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  1. Coarse:
    • Coarse grinds are chunky pieces of coffee beans, similar to coarse sea salt
  2. Medium-Coarse:
    • Saddling between coarse and medium, this grind looks like rough sand
  3. Medium:
    • The middle of all grind sizes, medium grounds are similar to the consistency of sand
  4. Medium-Fine:
    • The medium-fine grind is a staple grind size, with texture like table salt
  5. Fine:
    • Finer than table salt, fine grind is typically the size of most pre-ground coffee

Processing Method

Pack Quantity

Roasting Level


Pour Over 3:40 min 1:16 400 – 800 µm
French Press 10:00 min 1:13 600 – 1000 µm
AeroPress 2:20 min 1:15 500 – 900 µm
Moka Pot 1:30 min 1:11 350 – 700 µm
Drip Brewer N/A 1:17 400 – 900 µm
Espresso 0:26 min 1:2 250 – 500 µm
Cold Brew 16 hours 1:10 600 – 1100 µm
Syphon 1:40 min 1:15 400 – 800 µm


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