Kirishima Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder Culinary Grade

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To flavor cakes, cookies or soft drinks
Enjoy its pleasant roasted aroma.

Houjicha powder has only a very low caffeine content unlike the matcha

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Culinary Grade Hojicha


Origin Mount Kirishima (RE),Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyüshü, Japan.
Ingredients Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder
Best before Mar / 2022
Quantity 50g/Bag

Kirishima Hojicha green tea comes from
the foothills of Mount Kirishima (RE)
in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyüshü, Japan.
Hojicha (1 5L*), also sometimes
Houjicha, is a traditional highly roasted
green tea. First produced in Kyoto in the
1920s, it has become a hugely popular tea
in Japan thanks to the mildness and
smoothness of flavours. We source this
tea directly from the grower in
Kagoshima and the current lot is from the
summer 2020 harvest.


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