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哥倫比亞聖瑪爾塔內華達山脈 德爾阿瓜 鑽石山 第8批次 日曬


風味描述 : 奇異果, 山竹, 楊桃, 可可豆的尾韻



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奇異果, 山竹, 楊桃, 可可豆的尾韻

品種 卡斯蒂略
處理法 厭氧日曬
區域 聖瑪爾塔
海拔 1,300-1,800米
烘焙程度 中度
風味描述 奇異果, 山竹, 楊桃, 可可豆的尾韻
包裝重量 200克

關於咖啡 :

Del Agua is a brand new group of small producers located in the North of Colombia. The region, la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is the tallest mountain in the world that borders an ocean which creates a very unique growing region. The sourcing agency, Forward, was introduced to the group by world leading producers, La Palma Y El Tucan. This is the fifth lot they have ever produced, and it is a complex natural anaerobic process. Natural process has been a classic processing method in coffee forever, known for its primitive methods of production that still yield huge flavours albeit simpler style. Anaerobic means "without oxygen" meaning the vessels this coffee was fermented in didn't contain any oxygen at all. Oxygen is removed when the coffee is added and valves prevent any from entering in during fermentation while still allowing CO2 to escape. This combination of classic and complex processing leads to a very intense body and huge stewed fruit tones.

If you like wacky, fun coffees - this is a can't miss! This is competition grade coffee that just missed being a part of our reserve series.

Forward Coffee is owned and operated by our good friend Cole Torode and his partners at Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary. 

This is the first natural we have ever sold for LVC. We're super grateful to have a wonderful relationship with Cole and the team at Forward, and we're very fortunate to have this beautiful coffee in our lineup. 

La Esperanza - DelAgua - Ally Coffee


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