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衣索比亞耶加雪菲 沃卡村班可果丁丁123批次 日曬


風味描述 : 荔枝, 橙花, 茉莉, 龙眼蜂蜜



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品種 衣索比亞古優品種
處理法 日曬
區域 耶加雪菲
海拔 1,750-2,300米
烘焙程度 中度
風味描述 荔枝,橙花,茉莉,龙眼蜂蜜
包裝重量 200克

關於咖啡 :

The Dumerso washing station is located near the town of Yirgacheffe and is run by Hirut Birhanu and Mahder Birhanu.

They have a cupping lab inside the washing station so that the quality of the coffee can be checked before being sold, the coffee is then quality checked again once it reaches the Ethiopian Tea and Coffee Authority (ECTA) prior to shipment. The ECTA was re-formed in 2016 in a move to enhance the productivity and quality of coffee and tea in Ethiopia. All coffee must pass through ECTA before being exported for a quality inspection.

To create a natural coffee, cherry is picked at optimal ripeness and brought to the washing station by surrounding local farmers. The small surrounding farms where the coffee is grown are farming on red clay soil, which is rich in minerals such as aluminium and iron. Tree cover is typically provided by Wanza, Birbirra and Acacia. The cherry is then spread out and sun dried on raised beds to allow air to circulate both above and below the coffee allowing an even drying on the beans. This takes 15 days before the dried cherries are then taken for milling in Yirgacheffe itself.

The Heirloom coffee variety is a catch all term which encompasses many varieties of coffee in Ethiopia. Varieties come from broadly two categories – Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC) an Ethiopian research centre concentrating on breeding coffees more resistant to pests (about 40 varieties), and regional landraces which grow wild in Ethiopia (not all are yet documented but thought to be over 10,000).

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