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Barista Weekend Course has been developed and expanded to be more relevant to the needs of those who want to become professional barista.

The program is a 3-months courses that includes learning from Basic to Intermediate and finally, Advanced. It is suitable for beginners who would like to get a starting profession in the coffee industry.

Our coffee lecturers have outstanding performance in Coffee Industry.






Achievement on
Barista Competitions


  • Couch of Thailand Latte Art Champion
  • Couch of Vietnam Latte Art Champion
  • Judges of PCA


  • Malaysia Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Harbin China Barista Champion
  • World Latte Art Championship Rank 10
  • Judges China Yun Nan Asia Competition


  • Malaysia Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Malaysia Handbrew Coffee Champion
  • Cointreau BARTENDER Runner Up
  • Harbin China Barista Champion
  • Ireland Hanbrew Coffee Champion


  • Malaysia Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Sweden Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Japan Coffee Fest World Competition
  • Coffee Nowhere Singapore Coffee Latte Art Champion


  • Asia Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Atlas Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • JWC Factory Coffee Latte Art Champion
  • Malaysia Brewer Game Champion
Barista Weekend Course

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  • Duration: 3 months
  • 3 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance
  • Every Sunday
  • Location: The Depot 11 by JWC, Puchong.
Beginner Lesson

RM 2,560

Day 1

• Extraction Theory
• Extraction Standard / Introduction Coffee Equipment / Evaluation Espresso / Cafe Menu / Milk Frothing

Day 2

• Milk Frothing / Latte Art Common Mistake / Importance of Mixing / Detail of Heart Shape

Day 3

• Preparation of Filter Coffee / Understand Different Origins Coffee / Different Process Flavour / Quality of Coffee / Different Roast Profile

Day 4

• Seed To Cup / Importance Of Sensory / 5 Sense / Aroma Kit / Sensitivity Test / Sensory Training



*Limited Time Promotion

Advanced Lesson

RM 3,840

Day 1

• Theory and Practical Espresso
• Practice Ratio: Roasting Level & Coffee Bean Quality
• Cappuccino Ratio, etc.

Day 2

• Latte Art Practice (Advance)

Day 3

• Advance Hand Brew Practical: Roasting Level, Temperature, Ratio, Method, etc.

Day 4

• Sensory Training Lv2
• Coffee Roasting

Day 5

• Advance Espresso (Grind Size/ Brew Ratio) / Brewing Time / Channeling / Tamping / Different Roast Profile Extraction Method

Day 6

• Milk Frothing / Basic Latte Art / Tulip Pattern

Day 7

• Grind Size and Brew Concentration in Filter Coffee / Brew Ratio/ Different Temperature / Pouring Method / Importance of Agitation

Day 8

• Hand on Roasting Machine / How to Roast Light, Medium, and Dark Roast, Cupping Sop / Chemical and Physical Changes During Roasting



*Limited Time Promotion

Why Learn
With JWC?


Achieve numerous awards & recognitions in the industry such as Malaysia Latte Art Champion Year 2015, 2016, 2017, SCA Certification, Senior Coffee Lecturer, Multiple Competition Judges, Coach of Multiple National Champion.


Over 10 years experience in F&B industry including Café, Bar, Education and many more.


Provide After Sales Service for all students who attended Barista Weekend Course.

Student Review
In amount all the coffee course, I find JWC Coffee Course has the most complete syllabus including coffee history, coffee knowledge, roasting and sensory training. All the skill train me to become a professional barista.
CREZEN Goal is to become next barista champion
I graduated hotel management from Switzerland. My major is F&B including dining, buffet, room service and many more.

For myself I want to explore more on coffee. So I decided to took up JWC Course.

After few month class, I gained a lot of new knowledge and skill. Also understand what does a barista truly mean.

I believe what I learned from the academy help me on the field in the future.

GRAYSON Switzerland F&B graduated student
After attending JWC Academy Coffee Course, I have deeper understanding on speciality coffee and coffee roasting. It made me step ahead from others.
SCAR Ambitious to become coffee roastery


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