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JWC Founded Back In 2009, Mr Nelson established JWC Holdings Sdn Bhd. JWC Roastery incorporated the supply of gourmet coffee, exotic coffee, professional coffee machines & coffee academy education as our main focus. Moving forward, we want to strategically position ourselves to meet an increasing demand for specialty coffee throughout Malaysia & the region.

JWC Roastery – Gems for the coffee seeker, Specialty coffee is a seed of fruit, a fruit of labor that always tastes sweet like ripe fruit. JWC Roastery is a micro-roastery born out of passion and perseverance to reserve the best flavors from seed for your cup of coffee. We spot, distinguish, select and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins in order to enrich your sensory adventure. Quickly grab your favorite gems because great coffee doesn’t just happen!

Why Partner
With JWC?

To begin with, we’re a dedicated wholesale specialty coffee roaster with positive energy at our core. Having the experience of operating cafe business over the years, we have come to realize it takes more than just exceptional coffee beans to make an exceptional coffee beverage. This means that not only do we understand the needs of a coffee business owner, our entire business is set up to support you in building an excellent coffee program in your operation.

In a nutshell, you’re partnering with a coffee business that has strong ethical, caring and positive values and great coffee culture.

Gourmet & Specialty Coffee

The cornerstone of what JWC represents: exciting, deliciously sourced coffees that get roasted on state-of-the-art equipment by certified Q Grader, quality obsessed roasting team members.

After Sale Coffee Support!

Getting your coffee to perfection brought to you through free wholesale training, on-site visitation support, marketing collaboration and lots of coffee tasting with the team members!

Technical Support

Our in-house technicians make sure your equipment is cross-checked and provide support saving the day with any critical machine issues.

Quality Equipment

Our strong and direct relationship with local distributors and equipment manufacturers have resulted in a world class range of espresso and brew gear for every need.


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