COFFEE IN THE SKY – Bolivia Finca Takesi

Cafe Takesi are growing some of the highest altitude coffees in the world. The farm is between 1900 to 2600masl and is spread over 2,500 hectares of land nestled on the steep slopes of the Royal Mountain ranges of the Andes. Producer Mariana Iturralde Costa has allocated 600 hectares to grow and develop 4 varietals under very specific growing conditions. Rich, acidic soil composed of layered organic matter that covers a volcanic surface, topography and cloud presence all contribute to make a unique ecosystem for growing. With the slower rate of cherry maturation found at these heights, Mariana and her team apply a particular pruning system to ensure they maximise the harvest, while maintaining the trees.

What happens at that altitude is that the bean takes much longer to mature, so that same green bean gets more chemically complex. You’re getting to more sweetness and complex flavors. The unique note of Bolivia is that it’s always a very bright cup, and always has lemony acidity. And you can’t copy that. It’s just Mother Nature giving her unique coffee profile from all the environmental conditions.

This season we can’t wait to share you these coffee from Takesi. It’s not often we think of Catuai as a specialty variety as it’s recently been recommended as a safe crop. But this Cataui is different. It goes beyond what we thought was possible. The Cataui from Takesi is fruity and complex with aromas of citrus and honey. Very juicy cup with smooth mouthfeel.

Definitely one of the best coffee that we’ve tasted this year.