Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Israel Defga Fully Washed

One of our favourite in the range of coffee offerings, from Israel Defga washing station in Ethiopia.

In 2013 Israel founded the company by Kerchanshe trading company that is named after the nearest town, Kerchanste town (fondyl referred to as Kercha), with about 100 000 people. The company and the washing stations are a tribute to the people of the region.

Israel Degfa is a young business man in Ethiopia with a sure and steady focus. He owns thirteen washing stations and a farm, across the South and South West of Ethiopia. In previous years the production at these washing stations has been focused on volume but over the last two or so years Israel has shifted his focus, and is now working on the quality of processing across his washing stations as priority.

This particular Yirgacheffe Kochere lot is a lot more elegant and complex with delicate floral notes balanced out by very good sweetness and mouthfeel. Available in both natural and fully washed processing now in store!

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