Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Super Mario Natural San Jose AUCTION micro lot

Produced by the Peterson family, this special auction range from Hacienda La Esmeralda are among the world’s most famous geisha coffees, renowned for achieving record breaking prices at auction and winning the Best of Panama award many times.

The Super Mario Natural San Jose micro lot is grown in Chiriqui Province, Boquete District, Palmira Region on the Jaramillo farm (1,650 meters, 40% shade trees, naturally processed, dried 3 days on the patio and 80 hours in mechanical dryer). The cool, high mountain weather and recurrent mists slows the ripening of the coffee cherries, yielding denser and more flavourful beans. Characterised by extremely complex aromatics and flavors including jasmine, passion fruit, stone fruit, and with brilliant, clear acidity supported by very good sweetness.This special auction lot is considered one of the finest geisha in the world.

This coffee is available for purchase in store or you can also enjoy this coffee at @thedepotbyjwc.

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