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Tasting Note : Whisky. Roasted Malt. Vanilla. Raspberry

Country: Ethiopia

Roasting Level: Dark

Available Pack Quantity: 200g / 1kg

Processing Method: Washed

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Whisky. Roasted Malt. Vanilla. Raspberry.

Variety Heirloom
Processing Natural
Region Yirgacheffe Kochere
Altitude 1900-2200masl
Roast Level Dark Roast
Tasting Notes Whisky. Roasted Malt. Vanilla. Raspberry.
Quantity 200g or 1KG

About this coffee :

The washing station is owned by Israel Degfa and is Organic, RFA and UTZ certified. Israel Degfa is a young businessman in Ethiopia with a sure and steady focus. He owns thirteen washing stations and one farm, across the South and South West of Ethiopia.

Over the last years, Israel has shifted his focus from volume to quality and is working on improving the quality of processing across his washing stations as the priority. Many of Israel’s washing stations are great just because of the location, soil and altitude, but he is also investing in better systems, structure and protocols at the washing stations. He has invested in flotation systems for the cherries and systematically separates some of the coffees for better performance on site.

Yirgacheffe is known for its clean, floral and juicy washed coffee and high quality sun-dried with genuine and unique fruits and berry flavours. This washed Ethiopian coffee is vibrant and super juicy. Roasted with our signature Japanese dark roast to enhance the bold and whisky like sweetness and smokiness with notes of vanilla, raspberry and floral finish. The cleanest dark roast coffee that you’ve ever tasted.

Available Pack Quantity

200g, 1kg


Processing Method

Roasting Level


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